Monday, April 22, 2013

The Types Of Guys That Request Songs

The Types Of Guys That Request Songs

1. The Jackass -  The most common one, he wants to hear music that no woman wants to dance to, mainly wants the dancefloor to himself so he can fall down trying dance moves. After running all the women off he blames the DJ for playing bad music. Loves to shuffle dance.

2. The Wannabe Rapper -  The unsigned rapper you never heard of that wants you to play his song or his friends song that sounds like it was recorded on a 1980's boom box. Also wants to bust a freestyle, usually gets kicked out for bugging women.

3. The Player -  He thinks he is a chick magnet, he is quite the opposite as women avoid him quickly. He has the clothes, he has the moves, he just has no clue how to talk to women. Usually requests Usher.

4. The DJ - Claims to be a DJ and keeps asking for songs that in no way fits what you are playing and then tries to impress you by telling who he knows. Then asks if he can play a few.

5. The Fist Bumper - Constantly trying to fist bump or high five you while you are mixing, wants to hear dubstep and dance by himself.

6.  The Wingman -  We all know this one, " Dude If you play this song I will get laid"  his song doesn't get played and guy goes home alone.

7.  The Yeller - Yells requests from across the club, boos when requests are ignored, gets kicked out for being a jerk.

8.  The Pariah -  The one all women avoid, has breath that will drop a bear and enough cologne on to clear the sinuses of anyone within 10 feet.  Wants to hear very obscure stuff and can't figure out why no women will dance with him.

9. The Stalker -  Dude asks for R&B then stalks women on the floor often just standing next to them acting like they should use him like a stripper pole.

10. The Non Tipper -  Always say they will tip you for a playing a song but never do, these are th same guys that walk bar tabs.

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