Sunday, March 29, 2015

20 Reasons DJs Hate Other DJs

20 Reasons DJs  hate other DJs

We always see DJs hating on each other online and I'm sure everyone is guilty of one these listed are a few examples of things you will see in social media coming from angry, disgruntled, frustrated and delusional DJs

1. They have better gigs
2. They make more money
3. They know more people
4. They have better gear
5. They think they are better than you
6. You think you are better than them
7. They have been a DJ less time than you have
8. They have more followers online
9. They faked it until they made it
10. You help them but they don't help you
11. You "used" to be friends
12. They took your gig
13. They took the person you are dating
14. They copied your style
15. They have better music selections
16. They can afford things you wish you coould have
17. They travel around the world while you stay in one place
18.  They care more about money than music
19.  They talked bad about you
20.  You wish you were them

Just remember all these reasons are frivolous and we could list tons more, just love yourself and what you do and don't worry about others. And that is the Gospel