Wednesday, April 17, 2013

3 Detrimental DJ Decisions That Will Determine Your Career

3 Detrimental DJ Decisions ( The 3D's )

DJs make mistakes. We are not perfect and never will be. Today there are so many more DJs that even with advances in technology mistakes are still there and quite possibly are more common as there are less experienced DJs getting gigs. These tips I give you will not help you with the physical performance ( practice will help with that ) but rather these tips will help you keep a gig with basic DJ etiquette and common sense which is something lacking these days.

1. DRINKING/DRUGGING HEAVILY WHILE DJing - We are the life of the party but sometimes when we party too much we become the death of the party. Over the years I have seen so many talented DJs have their career shortened by drinking too much. While peer pressure is a big key in this, you have to know how to drink in moderation. Club patrons love to give you shots because they want to connect with you, other employees will give you drinks as well, sometimes you got to learn to say no. I don't have to tell you what mistakes you make while performing, we have all heard dead air and such by drunken DJs and it's not a good thing. Those that do fall into drinking a lot become a liability for a venue rather than an asset and then earn a bad reputation that will follow them and make it harder to get a gig. Another bad idea is to post your drunken thoughts online while you have been drinking at a gig. Not only do you look like an idiot and msy humor a few, you will usually draw the ire of who is paying you and most likely will never hire you again. The common sense in all of this is BE A PRO, NOT A CON.

2. BEING OVERLY COCKY AND ARROGANT - So many times DJs will feed there own egos until their head is so full of it that they can't focus on the actual task of DJing. Posting onine how you work at the hottest club and how great you are is like putting a target on your head. Other DJs will be offended that you think you are better and will attempt to take your gig. You never really hear of anyone trying to take the gigs away from DJs that are well liked and respected, that is what you should strive to be LOVED AND RESPECTED. Other forms of arrogance will not make you greater but lesser is bragging how busy a club will be, before you actually get there. Nobody can 100% assure how a night will be. Not only will you make yourself look bad if someone shows up to a club they believe is going to be busy and it isn't, but you make the club look bad too. Some DJs will hype up their skills to levels they can't climb, this too will make you seem lesser in the eyes of the public. We have all seen it and heard it, some DJ tells you how great they are and then you go hear them with great expectations only to be let down with mediocrity. The best way to have a longer career as a DJ is very simple....BE HUMBLE.

3.  PLAYING FOR YOURSELF AND NOT THE CROWD - If you can't read a crowd you really have no reason to be a DJ. The bottom line in this business is results, if you don't bring make money for a venue or a club you are not going to be welcomed back. So many DJs will find music they really love and think everyone will love it. Sadly this is not  a perfect world and this theory will eventually blow up in your face. You must have some variety in your sets and not just what you like but what the people that are there to have a good time like afterall if they don't spend any money you are not gonna be paid any for much longer. If your style of music doesn't pack the floor or bring a crowd that will let you keep a gig it is time to look at what you are doing and think. Should you find another venue to play at? Should you try a new genre? or If you want to be a DJ or a fan of a style of music?  DJs have a tendency to be slotted by the public ,sometimes it's good to be known as the DJ that only plays house or the one that only plays old school hip hop other times it can hurt you when people want more choices. This is why reading the crowd will make you a better DJ and get you more gigs in the future.

These are all decisions that will shape your career and determine how far you will go. If you happen to be a part of the 3D's listed here you may not be a DJ much longer. Use this as advice and make sure you practice, practice, practice and then things will fall in line. BE A PRO, BE HUMBLE AND READ THE CROWD and you will be a loved and respected DJ that will have success and have fun along the way without falling into the speedbumps and pitfalls we call the nightlife. AND THAT IS THE GOSPEL

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