Thursday, April 25, 2013

The DJ Experiment

Recently we tried an experiment, we placed an ad on Craigslist for 1 day looking for a DJ for a new nightclub. We placed very specific instructions but yet they were very common ones every DJ should use in a resume.

1. Years Experience
2. Places you have worked
3. Equipment you are familiar with or own
4. Genre you have the most experience with
5. Link to webpage or online mixes


Out of 137 replies only 1 person responded with those guidelines included correctly and they just wanted to be kept in the loop for future consideration because they were currently enlisted in the military.

A couple of the replies were from DJs I personally knew that flat out lied about experience and where they worked.

A majority of the ones that replied, were in fact mobile and wedding DJs with NO club experience which was clearly stated for them not to.

The bottom line is if you can't follow simple directions you are not going to be hired, if you put lies out there, it is way too easy to confirm them with a simple online search or a phone call.

Handle yourself in a professional manner if you come off as a novice you will be treated as such , be honest and don't try being something that you are not..The truth will shoot you down when it comes out.


  1. You really shouldn't trash mobile DJ's....there are some good ones out there! I'd put my 15 years of mobile DJ experience up against 90% of club DJ's. I do have minimal club experience...but I hate dealing with drunk a-holes all the time.

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