Wednesday, May 30, 2012

10 Reasons DJ's Hate Other DJ's

1. You claim to have played at places that you never have.
2. You have no problem undercutting another DJ to get a gig.
3. The only way you get gigs is by having a friend working in a club or bar.
4. You use another DJ's mix and act like you are doing it live.
5. You have no desire to learn how to use any other gear than your own.
6. You say you played a song long before anyone else had it.
7. You always bother other DJ's for their music or playlist.
8. You brag about how busy your venue is when it's not.
9.  You rely on waveforms and the sync or automix button.
10. You talk about how bad another DJ is when you are the one that can't mix.

I'm sure we could add 100 reasons to this list.. Feel free to add your own.