Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Downward Spiral Of The Undercutting DJ

We have all heard stories or have been affected by those DJs that offer services at cut rate prices, and ans the saying goes "You get what you pay for" always rings true.

Many DJs are quick to blame those cheaper DJs for them losing their gig, but the 1st person to blame is themselves for making an owner give thought to hiring one at a cheaper rate. The 2nd person to blame is the one who hires them, and that is the one that starts the downward spiral. Here is an example of how this vicious cycle works.

Let's say a DJ is making $300 a night as the resident, the club is doing good, people enjoy the music and bartenders are happy with the money they make. Then that little devil called greed walks in, another DJ offers to play there for $150 a night and without looking at the big picture the owner hires them thinking they will be saving more money. The new undercutting DJ is not as good as the $300 DJ and the club loses a few regulars and the profit drops off. After a while another undercutting DJ sees an opportunity and offers their services for $100 a night, once again, the quality is not there and business drops off more, until another DJ is hired for $75 a night, then $50 a night and by then the club has fallen off so bad that it is forced to close its doors. This sounds crazy but it happens more than you think. And what is really bad is looking at the big picture, an entire nightclub closed it's doors because the owner wanted to save $150. Not a smart way to run a business, but looking at this simple theory you see how a nightclub gets ran into the ground and how there is a lot of turnover in the DJ booth.

And the vicious circle never ends, once one nightclub closes this same scenario starts all over again at another venue and the downward spiral continues once again.