Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Tale Of The Bogus DJ

      One day a guy decides to go to his local music store and buy a new DJ controller in hopes that very soon he will be able to play in the best clubs in his town. Within a few days he feels he is just as good as DJs he has heard on his nights going out, this starts to give him an ego boost that he really will be the best DJ in town in no time. A few more weeks go by and he now has downloaded a ton of songs he likes and has put a mix online and pasted it everywhere possible daily and now can't wait to play live. He soon sees a club is having a DJ battle and enters the contest giving him 2 weeks to practice. During these 2 weeks he brags on all of the social networks on how he will dominate the contest and continues to post his mix everywhere he can. Finally the day of the contest comes and his excitement is easily seen by numerous status updates of how he can't wait to show people what a great DJ he is and nobody should miss it as victory is soon to be his. Later that night other people began to post that a DJ in the contest could not figure out how to plug in his equipment and needed help. Once he began his set it became obvious he was using an automix feature and word spread quickly in the crowd. The words quickly became laughs and as fast as his DJ career started quickly came crashing back to Earth. Once back home he was quick to try and start some spin control online and blame the nightclubs equipment for his misfortunes, which was quickly answered with more ridicule as no other DJ had a problem.

The moral of this story DON'T BE THE BOGUS DJ! Just because you purchased DJ equipment that in no way means you are automatically a DJ, there are so many more facets to this profession that you must learn before you even think of rocking a crowd anywhere. Watch, listen and learn from other DJs do not ever jump in this headfirst when there is no water in your pool. If you think this is a job to joke about you will become one that people will laugh at for weeks. So next time you are in the club and you think you can do better, be prepared to pay some dues first and make sure you practice like you preach about your supposed DJ skills you possess, if not you will be outed as a fraud. By the way there is now a slightly used midi controller for sale online and an ego that that has been put in check in a city near you. And that is the Gospel.

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