Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why is The DJ Gospel negative?

I point out negative things so that other DJs can learn, if a tweet offends you, then it is about you, if that offends you DON'T BE A DJ. If a tweet offends you how are you going to deal with a person in front of you insulting you because you will not play a song. You have to be thick skinned if you want to make it in this business. I find it amusing that every time someone has something to negative say about a tweet it usually is a young DJ with little experience that is offended because they have done exactly what I have tweeted about, because we all know when you are young you think you know everything. Call it negative criticism if you want, but please do one thing and learn from your mistakes and bad ways. Once you have been in the game a few years a lot of this nonsense will make sense. To the ones that get the tongue and cheek tweets and strive to better themselves, BRAVO you will have a long DJ career, if you ignore it and keep doing what you do, all I can say is WHEN YOU STOP LEARNING, YOU STOP EARNING. If every DJ was awesome The DJ Gospel would not exist, since that is not the case I am sharing my 20+ years of experience to help the ones that want to get better and to weed out the ones that need to be sticking to that day job. I am merely the mustard seed it is up to you on how you grow. So keep reading the tweets have a few laughs, make yourself a better DJ and keeping spreading the Gospel to those that need it. Thanks for helping The DJ Gospel grow each and every day AND THAT IS THE GOSPEL.


  1. Well said. I am truly inspired by these words... Thank you for the gospel...

  2. Agreed! I learn so much & see it with my own eyes, the things you tweet about. Give thanks for sahring your knowledge about the dj world. I am very grateful.