Thursday, May 9, 2013

The 7 Deadly Sins Of DJing

1. Sync Button - You will never learn any true DJ skills when you allow a button to do it for you.

2. Train Wrecking - Nothing is as painful to ones ears as to hearing beats crashing into each other.

3. Dead Air - The kind of attention that no DJ wants is when a song ends and nothing else comes on.

4. Stealing - You will draw the ire of any DJ by stealing their music, gear or gig.

5. Undercutting - You will never gain any respect if you get gigs by playing cheaper than anyone else.

6. Spamming - It's good to promote your event, but not to the point that nobody wants to go.

7. Trash Talking - Words will always come back to haunt you, you might talk about your skills or another DJs lack of them, either way if those words are false you will be sure to hear about them.

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